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Romana Reynolds

CES 2008 Hall of Shame

Romana Reynolds

CES 2008 Hall of Shame

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The CES 2008 Innovations Design and Engineering Awards Showcase honored the Atom Chip Corporation, which was exhibiting the same 100GB, 500GB, and 1TB “quantum optical” memory chips back in 2006. Long gone are the “SolarMemory” chips.

A little easy digging later showed that they’d been making extraordinary claims and exhibiting prototypes at CES during the past three years, long enough to make “atom chip hoax” the fourth suggestion on typing “atom chip” into Google. Atom Chip Corporation’s web site bids us all “Welcome to the World of Nanomicrons and Beyond.” Which is a world smaller than a meaningful subatomic unit, the proton.

I’m disappointed that the “preeminent” panel of judges failed their vetting and gatekeeping functions. And I fear that Atom Chip will gather investors based on their recognition at CES, and continue in the game for many years to come, while honors at CES become a Hall of Shame.

  • It's like 2005 all over again!

    This isn't the first time CES has awarded Atom Chip Corp., either. These guys were also at the CES 2005 show, and won a showcase award then as well for their "notebook" running their fabulous "PATENT PANDING! AtomChip® Quantum® II processor 6.8GHz with 256MB on-board memory." A fact, to this day that Gendlin boasts on his website. However, viewing the CES website it's nowhere to be found...


    ...until you hit the Wayback Machine...


    ...so, not only have the judges done this before, but the award was apparently revoked some time later when the CEA came to their senses.
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